Acticomp plans to reduce the time to develop new substances in 2 times

11 April 2019

Alexander Semenov, President of Acticomp, during a speech at the Intelligent Industry Forum, spoke about the serious optimization, both of production and employees, which is currently taking place at the company.

"In particular, in the next couple of months, it is planned to introduce a new Japanese innovative development for Russia, which will allow us to connect all HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and GLC (Gas Liquid Chromatography) devices in several departments and promptly analyze the composition of our products. We are the first company in Russia and one of the first in Europe to implement this system. The system will work around the clock," said Alexander Semenov. In addition, it will help to reduce the development time twofold for new pharmaceutical products.

As Alexander Semenov noted "optimization occurs not as a result of cost reduction, but due to an increase in the professionalism of the company's employees." Currently, more highly-qualified specialists are being hired, but in smaller numbers, who are demonstrating a high level of efficiency.

The company is looking for new specialists all over the world. At the production site under construction in the industrial zone Pushkinskaya, which will become the largest in Europe for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, costs will also be optimized and automation processes will be introduced. "At the new facility, we are planning to install a waste recycling system for the post-chemical synthesis process. As a result, the maximum amount of waste will be processed, and what remains will be taken out to specially-designated areas. Now, for example, we are taking it all the way to the Yaroslavl region – this is the closest place to us for the disposal of industrial waste," said the President of Active Component.