Pharmaceutical plant "Active Component" doubles its production capacity

13 April 2016

This year “Acticomp”, a St. Petersburg-based manufacturer of active pharmaceutical substances (raw materials for the production of medicines), plans to invest 300 million rubles in the increase of production capacity. According to the co-owner of the plant, Alexander Semenov, the area of production premises of the plant is 2.5 thousand m2, and the annual capacity is 40 tons of substances.

“It operates at 100% capacity and we are forced to refuse potential orders, so it was decided to expand the production capabilities of the plant,”says Alexander Semenov. Now “Acticomp” is building a new, third production site with an area of 1.2 thousand m2. Alexander Semenov hopes that new equipment and innovative technologies will increase the capacity of the plant by 50%. In December 2015, “Acticomp” received a statement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia on compliance with Russian GMP standards.

The company equally belongs to Alexander Semenov, ex-general director of First Aid pharmacies chain, and Zievuddin Khojaev, a former member of VERTEX


According to SPARK, in 2014 the turnover of CJSC “Acticomp” amounted to 313 million rubles, with a net profit of 83.6 million rubles. “In 2015, the turnover amounted to slightly less than 700 million rubles, EBITDA/Revenue ratio equated to 25%, that is, operating profit increased by 50% compared to last year,” said Alexander Semenov. This was due to the growth of demand for the plant products. Because of weaker ruble, the difference between the cost of imported substances and domestic ones smoothed.

“The capacity of the plant is small, but we initially focused not on tonnage substances, which are inexpensive and are sold tens of thousands of tons per month, but new items that have recently become unpatented or innovative generics,” Alexander Semenov explains. Now the portfolio of “Acticomp” includes 50 substances, of which 35 are constantly produced and used in the production of cardio drugs, antibiotics, antihistamines drugs and others. The primary customers are Russian factories, although in 2015 the company made the first deliveries to foreign countries.