"By the Editorial Fireplace" with Alexander Semenov

4 February 2016
In February issue of Editor Guest, we invited Alexander Semenov, president and co-owner of “Acticomp”. In conversation with FV editor-in-chief Herman Inozemtsev and columnist Oksana Baranova, he spoke about the company’s development strategy changing in the new conditions and the modern trends in the pharmaceutical market. 00:52 What are the key company events that took place during the past year? 04:43 What is your assessment of the realism and efficiency of import substitution in the production of pharmaceutical substances and finished dosage forms? 06:48 Recently, more often than not we speak about import substitution as being a full cycle of production, including substances. Have you felt any shift of focus? 11:03 What is your estimation of the current situation in the market of manufacturers producing domestic pharmaceutical substances? What should we focus on now? 13:38 In your opinion, how can we maintain a balance between the production of substances for the benefit of national security and economic profit? 15:48 At the end of last year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade developed some mechanisms for subsidizing manufacturers of pharmaceutical substances. Which of them are the most fascinating for the companies? 22:46Is the process of signing the contract with the Ministry of industry and Trade inhibiting the decision of the bank at the moment? 23:45 “Acticomp” is a true example of building cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the field of subsidizing leasing payments. Are there any companies that have also applied for such a subsidy? 25:36 What goals and priorities do you set for the company for the next year? The editorial office expresses gratitude to Limoncino restaurant, 33 Profsoyuznaya St.