Acticomp and PROMOMED signed an agreement on strategic cooperation for the production of essential drugs

19 November 2020

The document, which was signed by both companies, provides for the unification of efforts and scientific-technical potential in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for several vital and essential medicines, including Azithromycin and Favipiravir (the main active ingredient of Areplivir). Both drugs are included in the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2.

According to the agreement, Acticomp will be engaged in the production of the required volume of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for finished medicinal drugs manufactured by PROMOMED. So far, the list includes 9 names of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

According to Dmitry Zemskov, executive director of Biochemist JSC, which is the production base of PROMOMED, the agreements imply special conditions for the delivery of APIs at a price not higher than imported analogues. "Thus, we will be able to fully implement our production potential for the production of drugs, including for the fight against COVID-19, at the same time ensuring independence from foreign suppliers," he explained.

In turn, the President of Acticomp Alexander Semenov noted that "organizing joint work and the smooth supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients will make it possible to protect patients with coronavirus infection from the emergence of drug shortages or a rise in the price of drugs."

PROMOMED Group is the leader in the domestic pharmaceutical industry when it comes to the production of drugs for fighting infections with its own research and production site Biochemist JSC in Saransk. The portfolio of the Group includes more than 150 names of medicinal products, 80% of which may be found on the VED list.