"Active Component" will purchase equipment on leasing terms

11 September 2017

CJSC “Acticomp”, one of the leading Russian producer of active pharmaceutical substances, and UniCredit Leasing LLC signed an agreement for the acquisition of new equipment.

The equipment is intended for research laboratories and experimental industrial site of the production facility in the village of Metallostroy in the south-east of St. Petersburg. The lease term is 5 years.

Additional equipage of R&D laboratories of production areas will be carried out during 2017-2018. Delivery is planned to be performed in 3 stages: the first batch of equipment will arrive in Q4 2017.

“Expansion of R&D department area to 1200 m2 and technical re-equipage of laboratories with advanced tools will allow us to significantly expand the range of products — up to 10 new ones per year, as well as to achieve the planned export targets, i.e. to increase the volume of deliveries to foreign producers to 10% of the total sales volume,” said Alexander Semyonov, President of “Acticomp”.

In total, more than 100 items of equipment will be delivered. In particular, high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC), high-performance gas chromatographs (HPGC), IR Fourier spectrometers, autotitrators, rotary film evaporators, equipment for reduced pressure operation, laboratory reactors and others. Among the manufacturers of modern laboratory equipment for R&D department are: Buchi, Shimadzu, Binder, Mettler-Toledo, Julabo.