Students of the Lambery school visited the production of the Acticomp in Pushkin

24 October 2023

On October 20, 38 students and teachers of the Lambery school visited the production site of the Acticomp company in Pushkin on an excursion.

In the senior classes of the Lambery school they pay special attention to the subject “Chemistry” - they even have their own chemical laboratory. Therefore, it was especially interesting for students in grades 7-9 to visit an active pharmaceutical production facility, and many of them choose chemistry as a subject to take the unified state exams.

Upon arrival at our production site, the guys first went to the assembly hall. Here they were greeted by the General Manager of Acticomp Inna Semenova and the Head of Production Igor Kontsevoy. Together with our hero and guide to the magical world of chemistry, the Raccoon Phil, they told the children about what different medications have in common, how chemistry can be good for health, introduced us to our company and the main professions in production and in the office.

Next, the head of the organic synthesis laboratory, Alexey Galenko, immersed the children in the mysterious world of science and development (from a molecule to a finished registered drug).

Having prepared theoretically, the guys went on a tour of the production facility to see for themselves how everything works in practice. The children went through the entire process of producing active pharmaceutical ingredients: from the water treatment site to the finished product warehouse. We also looked with interest at the small, but very important, production laboratory, where quality is controlled at all stages of production. We were impressed by the huge reactors and centrifuges, and watched from the windows the work of our workers, who, according to the children, were dressed in astronaut suits.

At the end of their fascinating immersion into the world of pharmaceutical substance production, the schoolchildren returned to the assembly hall to regain strength and refresh themselves before the return trip, and also receive small souvenirs from the Raccoon Phil!