JSC “Acticomp” and Pharmkontrakt Group of Companies

21 December 2017

JSC “Acticomp” and Pharmkontrakt GC signed an agreement for the development of a concept project for the construction of the plant for “Acticomp” in Pushkin (St. Petersburg) with an area of 20,000 sq. m.


Also, the companies agreed to design the first stage of small and medium tonnage site for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with an area of 3,000 square meters on the territory of the plant. The works will be completed by the end of the 4th quarter of 2018. The production volume at the new facility will be increased to 40 tons per year.

In the course of implementation, Pharmkontrakt GC project bureau will carry out a pre-project study, elaboration of conceptual design and development of working documentation.

“New production in Pushkin will be focused on the scaling of already produced substances, and on the release of new products which the company is now developing. We’re talking about 10 stock items per year. The current site production lines in the village of Metallostroy [near St. Petersburg] are over capacity, so we plan to move some production areas to the new plant at the end of 2018,” said Alexander Semyonov, President of “Acticomp”.

“Acticomp” intends on transiting to multi-product manufacture, which means that the design work stage requires provision of the most effective solutions that can prevent contamination of raw materials by another product during the process. For this purpose, Pharmkontrakt Group will take into account not only the requirements of good manufacturing practice for the product release but also the rules of equipment arrangement required by manufacturers concerning, for instance, reactor systems, to ensure that materials are properly moved and stored.

Export production will be compliant with both national and international GMP standards and EMEA requirements that are imposed by foreign partners during audits. With regard to specific design solutions, work is already under way on organizing a HIL buffer warehouse building, a staff workwear processing facility, an area for treatment of industrial emissions of air and wastewater and wet technical products, all these to be implemented within the existing building.