The financial year 2020

27 April 2021

The year 2020 has become one of the most ambitious and significant for Active Component. The key event of the year can be easily called the launch of the second API production site in Pushkin (St. Petersburg), the design capacity of which is 250 tons of active ingredients per year. In addition to the areas of focus — the development and production of active ingredients (the company's portfolio contains 60 chemically defined APIs), the company is developing two new areas — the exclusive distribution of European rapid COVID-19 tests (recognized in 23 EU countries) and the development and production of CRS (joint project with the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation).

The financial year 2020 of Active Component in figures demonstrates the upward trend of the company's development:

  • Revenue in 2020 — RUR 2,29 billion. Growth in comparison with 2019 — by 56% (+ RUR 820 million).
  • Gross profit growth — by 54% (+ RUR 361 million)
  • EBIDTA in 2020 – RUR 515 million. Growth in EBITDA compared to 2019 — by 40% (+ RUR 147 million).
  • Volume of production in 2020 — 121 tons of active ingredients. Growth — 29% (+27 tons)

In 2020, the company's portfolio was expanded with 6 new products, including active ingredients for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, COVID-19 (Favipiravir). In 2021, Active Component plans to bring 10 more new generic active ingredients to the market.