The production sites of ACTICOMP were visited by the Zvezda TV channel

1 April 2022

As the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation noted, the sanctions have not yet affected the supply of medicines to the country, however, in unstable conditions, the process of import substitution in the pharmaceutical industry is extremely important for Russia's national security. From the list of vital medicines, more than 80% of Russia is ready to produce according to the partial production scheme, for half - a full-cycle release is available. The lion's share of raw materials now comes from India and China, where the largest sites for their production are located, but Russia also has its own large and equipped raw materials sites: one of them, the ACTICOMP, is located in the city of Pushkin and already covers a significant part of the needs of the domestic market. "Our production load is now serious, almost 90%, we make socially significant ingredients for most of the pharmaceutical manufacturers of finished medicines in the Russian Federation. In addition, there are opportunities to develop partnerships with foreign companies and the share of this cooperation is constantly growing," explained Anatoly Smirnov, Director of production of the ACTICOMP.

Производственные площадки «Активного Компонента» посетил телеканал Звезда The production sites of ACTICOMP were visited by the Zvezda TV channel