Excursion into the future. The first guests of the new laboratories of the "Active Component" were the students of SPHFA

6 July 2017

Students of Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy visited the production site of “Acticomp” in the village of Metallostroy, which is likely to become their future place of work.

During the excursion to the renovated plant, future specialists explored the technology and stages of production of active pharmaceutical substances, visited research laboratories which occupy more than 1200 m2 and are equipped with the latest tools, tried on different roles of pharmaceutical production experts.

“Acticomp” sees these events as part of great work on the formation of the personnel pool for the pharmaceutical industry. There is now a huge gap in the age of production workers: half of them have already turned 50 and the other half only begins their careers and have not reached the age of 30.

“Acticomp” implements student support and follow-up programs for those who will develop the industry and move the market forward in the next decade.

According to the president of the company Alexander Semyonov, the company is interested in finding talents and providing them with social elevator opportunities. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is interested in this.

“We need new personnel, and we are ready to invest in their growth using all available resources. Not only do we support them at the stage of training but also form workplaces where they will be able to deliver on their potential after graduation,” says Alexander Semenov.

The excursion involved students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology of Drugs SPCPA. Such events will take place regularly: until the end of 2017, a series of tours is planned also for students of the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute and the Institute of Chemistry of the St. Petersburg State University specializing in chemistry and chemical technology.

The schedule will be formed by the beginning of the new academic year. Everyone will be able to enroll for the on-the-job training, and the brightest students will be invited to an internship..

There are also interesting news for the chemical industry students. A separate SPCPA department will be located in the territory of the scientific-industrial site Life Science Park in the new plant of “Acticomp” in Pushkin. This will make it possible to work on real projects in the field of drug synthesis using the most modern equipment and technologies at the training stage.